Whether you find yourself having to stay inside right now, or have connected with what God is doing in our church but are not physically present in Halifax - we believe that you can find belonging, meaning, and community at Nova Online.



In a season that no one saw coming, how to make the most of the hand we've been dealt

Or better yet - thrive.

We get it - Online Church can be challenging to engage with and We love when people visit Nova Church and think guests are a big deal. It’s really important to us that you feel comfortable and welcome when you attend. Here are a few things to help you enjoy your visit: We usually meet at the Bella Rose Theatre in Halifax West High School but there are a few times a year we meet elsewhere. We will update this site and our social media pages if we are meeting elsewhere. Dress code is what ever you feel comfortable in. You’ll see a lot of jeans and t shirts around and maybe a few in more dressy attire. We are very relaxed - what ever you’d wear to go grab coffee in would be perfect for church. Services are 1 hour in length and are known for great music and energy. We have 2 services meeting in person, and and those services are at 10:00am and 11:30am and Nova Online at 11:30am Our pastor will take a passage from the bible to encourage you and your life in a way that we know, will meet you right where you are. Do you have Kids that are school age and younger? We have an amazing kids ministry that we offer in our 10:00am service that your kids can attend that is fun, safe, and a place your kids will truly love. We love when people make new connections, however during this time, we will be asking people to not gather in the lobby. We also are requiring that you wear a face mask while inside the building.  If you are feeling unwell, or are showing any signs of covid-19 we would ask that you stay home and enjoy Nova Online, and if possible refund your ticket on eventbrite to help make more room for people. We will be releasing a registration link for in person services every single week on Thursday. While we do require you to register we want to help make that as smooth as possible, so you can sign up for the mailing list here, and ensure you don't miss the link, or check in on our main page for the registration link on thursdays..
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You can stream our services right here each and every Sunday.

9:55 Pre-Service 
10:00 am Service 

We also stream our services live on YouTube and Facebook.

This is a great way to chat with some of our Online Family, share to invite people to watch with you, or catch up on past messages.

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Whether you are watching together as a family, or setting up the kids on a device: We want you to rest assured that your kids are going to learn from the Bible and be impacted by God.

Nova Kids Jr. is specifically for kids aged 0-4. This online version tracks along with Nova In Person so whether you are in Halifax or abroad, we are all on the same page as a church. 

Specifically for kids age 5 to Grade 5, Nova Kids is sure to not only get your kids laughing, but also teaches the Bible in a fun and engaging way. Nova Kids Online also tracks with Nova In person.

"Nova Church exists to see people far from God, be brought close to God."

We passionately believe that you were made to know God, and want to help make that happen.


Beyond a watching experience, we want you to experience personal and spiritual growth 

Here’s some things to help you go deeper, and step into growth. 


There is no greater decision that you can make aside from putting your faith in Jesus. If you made that decision, We celebrate you, and want to help you start that journey well. Simply click below to get in touch, and we would love to help get you started.


We have all of our past messages available for you to listen to. Listen as our teaching team unpacks the bible in a way that is both understandable and will help you grow.


We believe in the power of prayer, as we have faith in a personal God, who is powerful. If you need prayer you can submit a prayer request and our team will continually pray for you.


Even from home, or in a different city the call of Jesus is to go and make disciples of all nations.

If you are looking for ways that you can connect with Nova Church Online to help serve and “GO” we would love to connect with you. 


If you consider Nova Church your home, there are a few different ways that you can financially sow into what God is doing in our church.


Growth is often experienced within the context of serving. Take your next step with Nova Church by signing up for next steps.

SUNDAYS 10:00am


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Suite 170, 2 Bluewater road, Bedford Nova Scotia B4B 1G7