The basic fundamentals of being a Disciple boil down to three critical areas of Christian faith.

Being With Jesus
Becoming like Jesus
Doing what Jesus did

Jesus invitation to you to follow him is an invitation to do exactly these things.
As we do that, we believe that we discover who God truly made us to be


This Journey Begins by Being with Jesus.

Whether you are new to faith in Jesus, or have been a Christian for years, it is tempting to make our first priority doing what Jesus did, 
or just trying to be like Jesus.

These are positive things to do, but ultimately doomed to fail based on our own self effort or discipline.

Jesus was keenly aware of this, which is why he said 

It’s better for you that I leave. If I don’t leave, the Friend won’t come. 

But if I go, I’ll send him to you.” (John 16:7 MSG)

One of the firsts steps to becoming like Jesus and doing what Jesus did, is to be with him through his spirit. 



In a message from our CODE RED series Pastor Matt Unpacked some of the importance of being with Jesus.

2. DO

There are some practical ways to actually be with Jesus. 
In Church tradition these have been called spiritual disciplines. 

We like to call them habits. 

Things you build into your life on a regular basis to help you be with Jesus. 

Reading the Bible

The bible is more than a book of advice or rules to live by - it is a collection of writings that points to, and


Whether you are watching together as a family, or setting up the kids on a device: We want you to rest assured that your kids are going to learn from the Bible and be impacted by God.

Nova Kids Jr. is specifically for kids aged 0-4. This online version tracks along with Nova In Person so whether you are in Halifax or abroad, we are all on the same page as a church. 

Specifically for kids age 5 to Grade 5, Nova Kids is sure to not only get your kids laughing, but also teaches the Bible in a fun and engaging way. Nova Kids Online also tracks with Nova In person.

"Nova Church exists to see people far from God, be brought close to God."

We passionately believe that you were made to know God, and want to help make that happen.


Beyond a watching experience, we want you to experience personal and spiritual growth 

Here’s some things to help you go deeper, and step into growth. 


There is no greater decision that you can make aside from putting your faith in Jesus. If you made that decision, We celebrate you, and want to help you start that journey well. Simply click below to get in touch, and we would love to help get you started.


We have all of our past messages available for you to listen to. Listen as our teaching team unpacks the bible in a way that is both understandable and will help you grow.

Be With Jesus

From the Recent Message " STAY THE BLAZES HOME " Here are some practical steps and habits to help you be with Jesus.


We believe in the power of prayer, as we have faith in a personal God, who is powerful. If you need prayer you can submit a prayer request and our team will continually pray for you.


If you consider Nova Church your home, there are a few different ways that you can financially sow into what God is doing in our church.


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